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Thursday, October 17, 2019
Electronic Discovery Podcasts
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EDD Update Electronic data discovery news and analysis
Legal Hold: Don’t Destroy Those Documents The Legal Talk Network is a Premier online legal media network, whose podcasts have been recognized throughout the legal community over the past four years.
Healthcare, Data Security & Preservation Inadequacies The Legal Talk Networks's podcast discusses how health care facilities can strengthen their security to safeguard against data breaches
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Saving through E-Discovery The Legal Talk Networks's podcast about how your legal department can save money through e-discovery.
2008 Socha/Gelbmann E-Discovery Survey Report The Legal Talk Networks's podcast where they discuss this widely popular E-Discovery survey with a special focus on cost containment issues.
Brain Drain The Legal Talk Networks's podcast is a lively discussion about what’s ahead in electronic data discovery.
Crystal Ball: Craig Ball’s 2009 E-Discovery Predictions The Legal Talk Networks's part 2 podcast about what happens when your ex-employee walks out with crucial, proprietary company data, and joins your biggest competitor?
Grimm Prognosis The Legal Talk Network's part 3 podcast on "Are lawyers qualified to craft key words for searching discovery documents?"
E-Discovery The Legal Talk Networks podcast about: E-discovery – an important part of a lawyer’s world today. Want to learn how e-discovery works and why it is an essential part of legal research?
Getting Set for e-discovery Website on Technology, News, and Reviews
Getting Set for e-discovery Website on Technology, News, and Reviews
Getting Set for e-discovery This Podcast will give you a good idea of how to prepare for e-discovery ahead of time, some pitfalls to watch out for and an overview of what's happening in the courts right now.
Bitpipe.com This website has multipe podcasts all having to do with E-Discovery
CPDcast – E-Disclosure This podcast serves to outline the role of electronic disclosure and electronic document management in modern litigation practices. It analyses the potential benefits e-disclosure can bring to litigation.
Discovery Resources This website gives a list of upcoming and archived Electronic Discovery webcasts, podcasts, webinars, and/or other online-based seminars or meetings.
Electronic Discovery Blog (The E-Discovery Forum podcast is downloadable here) The site is a weblog on e-discovery issues by an attorney and former IT manager.
E-Discovery – Managing the Deluge Gowlings Commercial Litigation National Practice Group has released its latest in a series of podcasts, entitled E-Discovery - Managing the Deluge.
Information Risk Management & E-Discovery: Alternative Approaches to Document Review Information Risk Management & E-Discovery: Alternative Approaches to Document Review.
KROLL ONTRACK Offers a long list of Legal Technologies podcasts
Global E-Discovery: Barricades & Bridges Why make substantial changes to a successful software platform when you could easily get by with tiny improvements and call it new?
Live from LegalTech N.Y. - Bright Lights, Big Discoveries LTN Law Technology News
Mining for Gold Long list of Legal Technology News podcasts.
Electronic Discovery Media Law: A blog about freedom of the press
C2C this week: The latest in e-discovery Robert Ambrogi's LawSites: Tracking new and intriguing Web sites for the legal profession.
ONSITE3 Integreon Blog: New Ways of Doing Business Emerging among Large Law Firms

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