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Thursday, October 17, 2019
Electronic Discovery Blogs
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ABA Journal - What's Up with E-Discovery? Up to date information about changing world of electronic discovery.
Andrew's Blog Andrew Cohen is Associate General Counsel, and Vice President, Compliance Solutions for EMC
Electronic Discovery and Evidence The daily digest of cases, comments and other matters relating to electronic discovery and electronic evidence.
As Marked The Info is a distinct bent toward E-Discovery, but decidedly not to the exclusion of other diverse topics of interest
Burgess Computer Forensics Blog A blog about Forensics and E-Discovery
Early Case eDiscovery early case assessment and analytics Blog
Practical Ediscovery Oy Vey! Court attempts to define degrees of unacceptable ediscovery conduct and fashions a problematic adverse jury instruction in the process
eDiscovery Technology Forensic and security issues on the iPhone
Bow Tie Law's Blog Is a collection of Josh’s best blog postings and forum for new material on e-Discovery.
Case in Point ‘Case in Point’ is a weekly cartoon series, created by CaseCentral Corporation, that illustrates the lighter side of eDiscovery.
Computer Forensics/E-Discovery Tips/Tricks and Information Tips/Tricks and Information I or someone else provides that will help further the knowledge the field of Computer Foresnics and Electronic Discovery.
Chicago Electronic Discovery Innovative digital forensics and e-discovery
the e-Disclosure Information Project UK-Based comments on E-Disclosure from Chris Dale
EDD Update: Electronic data discovery news and analysis Electronic data discovery news and analysis.
DennisKennedy.Microblog Dennis Kennedy is a well-known lawyer, consultant, speaker and writer who is considered among the most influential authority on the application of technology in the practice of law.
Alextronic Discovery An Electronic Discovery Blog covering News, Articles and Thoughts for the Legal and Corporate Community
edd blog online An insiders look into the ever evolving landscape of legal discovery to include but not limited to computer forensics, electronic discovery, email archiving, online review and proactive management.
E-Discovery Investigator E-Discovery Investigator has blogs on various issues mainly E-Discovery topics.
E-Discovery Bytes E-Discovery Bytes is a practical resource for issues on E-Discovery
The eDiscovery Paradigm Shift This Blog is dedicated to providing a forum to discuss all of the evolving best practices and new technologies that are emerging in an effort to support this new paradigm.
E-Discovery Legal and Technology Updates This blog covers privacy, security, health information technology and e-discovery related topics. The primary goal of this blog is to raise public awareness of legal issues pertaining to the use of law and technology.
Sipping From the Fire Hose E-Discovery and Litigation Technology blog from the south
Electronic Discovery A community and blog of E-Discovery learners
E-Discovery Forum The E-Discovery Forum is a community for E-Discovery discussions and posts.
Legal Technology Center – Electronic Discovery Legal news and commentary
Gabe's Guide Gabe and Ed's Excellent E-Discovery Adventure
John Benson dot com Law, design & technology blog, been around since 1994
Litigation Support Blog Business information about the litigation support and electronic discovery industry. Including investment opportunities, acquisitions & mergers, funding news, significant business successes, new alliances, product announcements and relative links.
Mastering Electronic Evidence and Discovery A blog dedicated to finding the appropriate balance between the judicial expectation of full disclosure in electronic discovery and the goal of Rule 1 of the Federal Rules for a just, speedy and inexpensive resolution of matters.
New Jersey Legal Blog The New Jersey Legal Blog
Post Process I’ve started this blog because I have an insatiable need to converse about all things ESI and EDD.
LEGALTECH ON DEMAND Not truly a blog; lists ediscovery articles
E-Discovery Team A Team approach to electronic discovery combining the talents of Law and IT.
ride the lightning An electronic evidence blog by Sharon D. Nelson President of Sensei Enterprises.
eDiscovery, Digital Evidence and Information Security Law Thoughts and comments from a lawyer-technologist about Digital Evidence, Electronic Discovery, and Information Security, but with a twist of (or perhaps twisted) technology.
Legal Technology Center – Electronic Discovery not truly a blog; lists ediscovery articles
ABA TECHSHOW not truly a blog; lists ediscovery articles
Bitpipe.com Library of Electronic Discovery Reports
CBA PRACTICELINK not truly a blog; lists ediscovery articles
e-Discovery 2.0 E-Discovery 2.0 blogs on thoughts about the evolution of e-discovery.
HP Communities Lists articles on E-Discovery
Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery Blog: Data Triage Computer Forensics & Electonric discovery Blog: Data Triage, Data Triage : Electronic Data Discovery, Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics Experts
Discovery Resources Discovery Resources: Sound Evidence Blog Posts
DRI E-Discovery Committee The Voice of the Defense Bar
eClaris Archived E-Discovery Articles and Events
E-Disc Law E-Discovery Law Blog: A discussion of current events in the areas of E-Discovery and ESI Management.
E-Discovery Insights E-Discovery Insights: An IT executive turned California e-Discovery Attorney and Consultant shares his insights - with an emphasis on facilitating the relationship between legal and technology professionals.
Ediscovery Canada Martin Felsky's website and blog
ediscoveryinfo ediscoveryinfo blog
Electronic Discovery Law Has ediscovery Case Law Database
Electronic Discovery Navigator An eDiscovery Blog: Negotiating the Treacherous Sea of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
EDRM EDRM Bulletin Board; a bulletin baord fro the EDRM projects, basically a forum people post on.
Electronic Discovery Blog A Weblog on E-Discovery issues by an attorney and former IT manager.
Seamus E. Byrne's – In Pursuit of Relevance Perspectives on E-Discovery Law from an Austrlian infromation lawyer and computer forensics expert
Ferris Research Ferris Research's blog
Fios Inc Contains list of states with ediscovery rules
Forensic Focus Blog Forensic Focus Blog
Forensic Innovations, Inc Archived blogs for the ‘eDiscovery’ Category
Gahtan's Technology and Internet Law Blog Gahtan's Technology and Internet Law Blog
inter alia e-Discovery Inter Alia an Internet legal research weblog, among other things
Kahn Consulting Information Nation
Kazeon Kazeon's Next Gen eDiscovery Blog
The Immutable kBlog The Immutable kBlog, thoughts on security, data integrity and other stuff
KROLL ONTRACK Case Law Updates & E-Discovery Newsletters: These newsletters help busy legal professionals keep pace with case laws pertaining to electronic evidence.
LAWTECH GURU BLOG by Jeff Beard Lawtech Guru Blog by Jeff Beard
Legalethics.com Legal Ethics focuses on ethical issues associated with the use of technology by legal professionals.
LLRX.com E-Discovery Update Contains law and technical resources for legal professionals.
Pierce Atwood's Law Blog Evidence and E-Discovery Blog: With the launch of this web log, we will discuss rules, caselaw, news and best practices relating to electronic discovery and other evidentiary issues in Maine and elsewhere.
MSExchange.org eDiscovery Software not truly a blog; lists ediscovery software
ONSITE3 Integreons buisness weblog and rss.
PivotalDiscovery.com A community with blogs and articles on a variety of subjects.
Prism Legal This site offers resources to learn more about law practice management with a special focus on legal technology and outsourcing. Along with blogs from Ron.
Ediscovery – Latest News not truly a blog; lists ediscovery articles
wrrobinson Rob Robinson's articles, blogs, and insight
Text Technologies A Monash Research Publication
UHY Advisors Blog The purpose of UHY Advisors Blog is to aggregate some of the best articles relevant to our industry, while also providing fresh material from the varying perspectives of UHY Advisors' professionals.
CataBlog – See electronic evidence...your way. CataBlog has informational blogs on electronic evidence.

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